Meet The Girls

Meet the little ones behind Tutus & Heels 

Meet Addison ( Addi ) and Emmerson ( Em, Emmi ) the babes behind T&H! 

Addison, She is the funniest five year old I know. She is so smart and reminds me too much of her dad. She is so sarcastic like him and loves to joke around. At the same time, she is the perfect mix of Spencer and I. I love that she is girly like me and she will also sit and play video games with her dad. She loves dinosaurs, her dog and cat, she's pretty much and animal lover. 

Emerson, She just turned a year old! and I can tell she will be feisty and things will go her way, or the highway. She crawls all over the place and loves her big sister. She loves having her paci on all day long and hates to be fed. She prefers food that she can feed herself. 

We are so blessed to have these babes in our lives and so happy to be their parents. XO 

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