Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Two Little Princesses

Happy Wednesday everyone!! We are so excited that this week is almost over. Tomorrow is Addis last day of school and we are trying to figure out how to celebrate. Also, this Friday is the day that the new Disneys Aladdin live action movie comes out and we cannot wait. The girls have been watching the animated version almost every day now. Addi knows the whole thing by hard. They are so into it that they have begged for princess jasmine merchandise. I got them the cutest outfits inspired by the new movie at target! They have so many styles, dolls, and a whole bunch of toys. Another place that has cute Aladdin stuff is Build a bear. The girls love going there to upgrade the accessories on their stuffed animals but this time Addi got a new one with all the accessories possible ha, ha. 

Their outfits are super cute but not quite from the costume section. Target has a line with some pretty cute Aladdin inspired clothing for boys and girls. I couldn't say no to the dress-up and even baby Huson got a jasmine princess outfit. We can't wait for the movie to hit theaters this Friday. We will definitely make a day date out of it.  

Aladdin inspired B.A.B here
Aladdin inspired outfits 
Hudsons outfit (not pictured)

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