Monday, May 13, 2019

Disneyland 2019

I feel like we have hit a weird slump in the "road". We are a few weeks post-spring break slump and about two weeks out for summer vacation. So we are excited to be going on summer vacation but can't get too excited yet since we got aways to go. So meanwhile we wait around for summer break, here is a little recap of one of our spring break days we spent at Disneyland. We left for SoCal over the weekend and did a little exploring. We had planned to go to the beach but the weather had different plans. So, unfortunately, we didn't make it to the beach. We ate at yummy local restaurants ( my favorite part) and we even visited a local museum.

Now back to all things Disney. First off, our outfits. I knew that going to Califonia meant we were probably going to end up at Disneyland. No brainer, I love Disneyland, I love Disneyland even more through my children's eyes. With that being said, I started shopping for Disneyland outfits as soon as we planned to head to SoCal. My first stop was the obvious store, Target. I didn't find anything I liked right off the bat so I decided to check out Instagram and tried to shop small at some of my favorite shops, but that was also a bust because there wasn't going to be enough time for on-time shipping. I remembered seeing great stuff at H&M so I headed there next. Emmerson's outfit, minus the shoes are from H&M. They must be sold out in her size, but I found a baby size in long sleeve here. If you don't find anything in your local store, check online. I found Addis Leggins at H&M here ( these are great too). Her shirt is from target (so many great t-shirt options there) and her shoes are from Vans 

Since we had a hotel really close to the park, we spent the day before at downtown Disney. we did a late lunch at Tortilla Jo's ( so good!) the table guac is so yummy, they make it in front of you. We did some shopping at the world of Disney. Addi wanted some new Mickey ears and we had a lot to choose from! I love the ones she picked out. 

I try to get this same photo in front of the parks every time we go

We didn't get to the park as early as I wanted to. We had some family join us on the fun so we were waiting for them to get to our hotel and so much was going on that time flew. When we did get in a few of the characters were still out and we lucked out with being able to see Mickey and not have to wait too long. I was mostly excited for Emmi to meet Mickey and hug him because I knew it would make her day. She was so excited and it was such a special moment. She did not want to let go. See picture below! 

Sadly the main castle walkthrough was closed for refurbishing. I recommend always checking online at what attractions will be closed. You could see this wall up behind us.

Of course, eating our way through the park is always a must. Definitely get the beignets and the dole whip float! I don't know how many churros we ate. Another favorite on the go meal is the turkey legs! 
There's this restaurant that we decided to try out The Carnation Cafe. The food was so good. 

Of course, our family vacations would be possible without this guy. He works so hard for us and makes sure we go all out on our trips. We can't wait to go back to Disneyland soon. 

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