Friday, February 16, 2018

Bath Time With Baby Dove

 Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy breezy walk in the park. Before I became a mom I never thought that I would be a stay-at-home mom. I guess I never really thought about it. Then when I found out I was pregnant with our oldest ( Addi ) it was a no-brainer. Daycare is so expensive and it didn't make sense for us. Spencer and I decided that we didn't want strangers raising our kids. Flash Forward to now, it has been six in a half years and we now have two beautiful girls that I get to spend all day with. I would be lying if I said there are days that I didn't wish they were in daycare, some days just start off on the wrong foot. Majority of the days though, are all I ever dreamed being a parent would be.

On those not-so-great days, two of the things that I start looking forward to is 1. When will Spencer get home from work, and 2. bath time, because bath time is that much closer to bedtime. The reason I look forward to Spencer getting home is that I can finally get a little breather and I can finally go to the bathroom alone! The girls immediately run to him and for a few minutes everything is all about dad and we can't wait to tell him about our LONG day.

Somehow when dads come home everything seems to get a little better and things start to calm down a little more. One of my favorite things about Spencer is that he is always so involved and willing to always help. No matter what kind of day he's had at work, he comes home and is present with our girls. And just how I need a partner that I can rely on my tough days, I also need a brand that I can rely on when it comes to my kids. Since bath time is our favorite time around here, we take it very seriously. That is why our family uses Baby Dove products.

Baby Dove products range from Shampoo to wipes. What I love about these products is that they are rich in moisture, so I know that the girl's skin will be healthy. We use the Shampoo, tip to toe wash, both rich in moisture. As well as the body lotion that also comes with the rich moisture solution. A few of my favorite things about the Baby Dove products are that they are as gentle as water, tear free, and hypoallergenic. Their formulas are made without dyes, parabens, or phthalates. Giving our girls the best is something we won't compromise on.  They also have a line for little ones whose skin is sensitive.

So once bath time rolls around, it turns into a family affair. We all cram into the girls' bathroom and it really becomes a team effort and turns into the best part of the day. We all gather and talk and laugh. And there is nothing more I love than a fresh and clean baby, or babies since no matter how old my girls are, they will always be my babies.

                          If  you want to learn more about Baby Dove, check them out here 

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