Monday, December 4, 2017

Operation North pole

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and it is also the busiest time of the year. Since this is our first December in Las Vegas I wanted to experience a lot of the holiday festivities that they have here. And let me tell you, there are a lot! This is one of the main things I love about living in big cities. Living in Las Vegas is definitely different than salt lake city but in ways, it has its perks. One of my favorite things would be that on Sundays it feels like a regular day of the week. A lot of people still work and a lot of the family-friendly attractions are open. Which is great because it gives our family a whole day of doing stuff we normally cant do on the weekday or on Saturday since Spencer sometimes works on Saturday. We have already seen a Christmas parade, which included snow falling and the girls loved it. We also headed to the North Pole here in Las Vegas and it was nothing like I've ever seen before. A truly unique and hands-on experience.

 Our family got invited to Operation North Pole, the best interactive Christmas experience Las Vegas has to offer. When I say unique, I truly mean a unique and one of a kind experience. We first arrived at Operation North Pole to check in and we were greeted by the head elf. Right from the beginning, what I liked was that you make a reservation for the time and day that works for you. You don't have to get there and fight the crowds or stand in long lines just to see Santa. They only take groups of maybe 8 families so all the kids get to really enjoy it. 

Your experience starts at the candy cottage, a room fully decked out in decorations of giant candy pieces that feels like you are in candy land, where the elves interact with the children and ask them for help on making candy. Our group got to even play a version of duck-duck-goose with the elf. The next room is the toy room, Santa's workshop! Where we find more of Santa's elves ready to make and package toys. The room is filled with so many different toys for boys and girls. The kids got to play more games with the elves and made an ornament. They are really good about making sure all the kids get involved if they want to. 

There are a total of five rooms and you spend around 10-15 minutes in each room. Our third experience was the visit with Mrs. Clause in her adorable kitchen. It was total kitchen goals for me. The visit with Mrs clause was my favorite because it also involved cookies and hot chocolate. She told stories about Santa and all the reindeer. The kids each got a cookie which they could add frosting and sprinkles. The fourth room was Addis favorite, the reindeer stables. The kids got to learn the names of all the reindeer and made a letter to Santa. They also danced and sung with bells and all. 

The last and most magical room was the visit with Santa. Emmi was not having it! Addi, of course, ran up to Santa and gave him a hug. She loves Santa and was ready to let him know what she wanted this year. We got to take a family photo with Santa, with just US in the room. Every family takes a turn. We also got a complimentary watermarked photo and they have extra prints available to purchase. Both the girls got a stuffed reindeer toy as an early present Santa. Something that I was totally not expecting but made the whole experience that much more magical. It was a really sweet gift. 

Addi still talks about operation North Pole and asks if we could do that again next year. I say we probably will because it is the perfect introduction to Christmas time. If you are a Las Vegas local make sure to add this to your list of Christmas attractions this year. It is fun for the whole family and the kids will love it. You will find them located in Tivoli Village. 

Happy Holidays, Xo Rachel 

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