Monday, November 27, 2017

The Hard Part Of Parenting

Being a parent is hard! No one ever told me that MY kids would struggle while growing up. And yes, I understand everyone struggles. That’s not new. But you never think it’s going to happen to your kids and so soon. I recently went to Addis first grade parent-teacher conference and I got news that I was not expecting. Addi was tested and her math scores came back as below average. I was told that if her scores don’t improve that she would be at risk for retention. It shook my world and left me lost and confused. I knew math was always a hard subject for me. I knew that when we got to the math portion of her homework that we both struggled to get that done. But I never realized that it was this severe. I always figured that maybe her teacher had better luck at it in school and that they were making sure they did everything they could to help her.

I came home that day after our parent teacher conference and I had to fight my tears back because I didn’t want Addi to think she was in trouble or that it was her fault. This was far from her fault. In fact, it was all my fault. I had failed her as a parent. I told Spencer the news and showed him the scores. I’m not exactly sure what he thought about all this and I was relieved knowing he was on board and was ready to do anything to help our little girl achieve and move forward. We quickly decided to reactivate her ABC mouse subscription and had her start on some math stuff right away. We tried to find her problem areas and tried to help her any way we could. We downloaded some templates and printed them off that had a bunch of math equations. We also made a new daily schedule that we hope can put us all on a better routine. We got her a journal that she will write in it daily, 45 minutes of ABC mouse, and plus her school homework that she will do every day. We had to limit her screen time even more and are looking for ways we can keep her motivated.

A part of all this makes me mad because every child is different. Every child learns differently and I hate to think that Addi isn’t understanding the way she is being taught at school because maybe she just needs to learn it differently? She’s not going at a slower pace or at a faster pace. Her mind just works differently. She still is the sweetest girl I know and I want her to succeed in everything in life. I don’t want her to have limitations. I don’t want her to give up. I want her to know that we will always do everything we can in our power to make sure she gets where she wants to go.

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