Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Our Halloween was nothing short of fun and exciting. I woke up and hit the ground running since the morning. I took Addi to school that day then came back home to get ready and headed to the store to buy some last minute cookies. I was helping out in Addis classroom party and last minute I decided to get different kinds of cookies. My job for the Halloween class party was to bring a treat so I went with witches hats made out of Oreo cookies and Hershey's kisses to top them off. They turned out really cute and all the kids in the class loved the idea. After the Halloween party, the whole school was going to part-take in the school trunk-or-treat. So all the kids changed into their costumes since they weren't allowed to wear them to school till the trunk-or-treat started. The kids went through a maze of cars that were so creatively displayed and collected tons of candy. After that, they all gathered in their class lines and performed the monster mash for all the parents to see. All the kids did so well and I could tell they were all so excited.

After school we went home, made some mummy dogs for dinner, and finished getting into the costumes. Addi got some face paint on and glitter in her hair to tie her Unicorn costume all together. We went to an outdoor mall for some more trick-or-treating right before we headed back to our neighborhood. Halloween day and night was such a long day for us parents but it was all so worth it. The girls had a great time and there is nothing I would have changed. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and October as much as we did. Now bring on all things Christmas! 

This year, after going back and forth on what we should be for Halloween, I decided that the girls should be Unicorns. The Unicorn is so on trend right now and I was more excited than them! I think they both turned out so adorable and everyone else thought they were so cute, too. 

XO, Rachel 

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