Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Books Make A Great Gift

In one of my recent post I talked about Addi having a little struggle at school and since then she has been doing better. We have been doing a lot, working with her and trying new techniques. Besides math, we are getting better at having her read more often and using books that can challenge her. Since Addi was little she loved reading books. We started growing her library at a very young age and still continue to collect books for her. One of my favorite companies for kids Just so happens to be a book subscription company and it is one of my favorites. We started using Book Roo maybe two years ago. We would get board books for Addi and also started a small library for Emmi. Now that Addi is in first grade we were excited that Book Roo started their junior collections books. These are perfect for Addi because they are chapter books and just at her level. She thinks chapter books are so grown and she feels like an older kid while reading them. A Book Roo subscription makes a perfect gift for any age if you have a little reader in your family. If you are wanting to start a library, Book Roo is the one! They have picture books, board books and now chapter books for juniors. My favorite part is that every time we get our books in the mail it feels like Christmas. They come perfectly wrapped in the prettiest paper and it is so exciting to see what book we will get. Even I get excited! 

A small glimpse of the girls' library that we have in their room. ^^

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