Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Babes In Diapers

Hello all, I hope this post finds you well. Can you believe that October is over!? We had a great month celebrating all things Halloween and I hope you did too. I am excited to get one of the bigger holidays out of the way and now moving on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have already started making my list of all the things I will need to make a few dishes for our families Thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorite stores to shop in is Kroger ( Smith’s for us ) because besides finding everything I need, I also get everything at amazing prices. Yes, even in diapers! And I recently made the switch to Comforts™ diapers because of their new upgrades they got. 

One of my favorite upgrades is the day and night leak protection. Emmi sleeps through the entire night and I don’t want anything messing that up. Getting a full night of sleep is important for all of us so I will do anything to make sure that she gets that and with the Comforts diapers that are one less problem I have to worry about. Another great benefit that the Comforts diapers have is how soft they are. I can tell Emmi feels totally comfortable wearing them and I love that she is comfortable enough to enjoy all things, toddler. Each pack also comes with two fun prints, which is Emmi's favorite part.

Besides the Comforts diapers, Comforts™ wipes have also been upgraded and I LOVE the sensitive kind because of their soft-cushiony cloth-like feel. I was changing Emmi's diaper before bed and I kept thinking how amazing the wipes felt, definitely what I want to know as a mama. Comforts wipes come in different varieties like fragrance-free, sensitive, and also scented. All comforts wipes are alcohol-free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, and gentle on skin. With moisturizing aloe and vitamin E, what’s there more to need!? I carry the small soft pack in my diaper bag wherever we go.

If you are still reading this, great! And I hope that you are planning on heading to your local Kroger store to buy Comforts diaper and wipes. But before you go, make sure you check out this great promotion. You can find Comforts diapers and wipes exclusively at any Kroger Family stores.

The only thing I love more than great diapers is a fresh bathe baby. 

This post is sponsored by Comforts™Brand 

 Xo, Rachel 

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