Monday, October 16, 2017

Getting Fancy

Happy Monday!! I am sad to see October flying by already, but we have been doing so much and having so much fun. There definitely is not a lack of fall/Halloween activities to do here in Sin City. A little update on our recent move: We have been enjoying ourselves so much these past few months that we have been here. Addi loves her school and of course has tons of friends. I usually pack her a lunch or she has school made lunch, depending what’s on the menu. We have every store we could possibly want within a few miles, so thats my favorite part. I also love how much diversity there is here. 

As you all know there was a recent tragedy in Las Vegas and it is just starting to feel a little more like normal around here. Even thought we weren’t really close to the strip it still affected every one here. The community came together so well it was truly amazing to see that. The school district also was amazing and let parents feel safe about letting kids attend school that day after. We talked to Addi a little about the event but not too much in depth. 

Now on to the good stuff. I wore this little number a few months ago for a girls night out and I did not want to take it off. You know that feeling when you find that perfect pair of shirt or shoes? Well, this was it for me. I feel like it is so versatile to wear, so soft and comfortable. I also mentioned how I could totally wear is as a fancy nightgown! It is that comfy. I totally dressed it up here but I have also dressed it down a little by wearing a fedora and some booties. I love me a good transitional piece. 

XO, Rachel 

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