Friday, August 11, 2017

6 Going on 16

"Today we celebrate your life. S I X whole years of your sweet tiny self. Thank you for being our light. If I knew how much joy you would bring us I would turn back time and had you sooner. I wish you could see your self through our eyes, only then you would know how special you are to us. We love you Addi girl. I hope you have the best time today celebrating with friends. Happy almost birthday.” - Tutus & Heels 

This August was probably one of the most emotional ones yet. Addi starts First grade, she turned 6, and officially has a loose front tooth. I mean, can anything else be thrown my way. My baby, my first born is not so much of a baby any more. She’s out of her toddler years and a full blown girl. We are so excited to celebrate her this weekend. 

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