Friday, April 28, 2017

Parent + Kid Friendly Dates

If you know us, then you know we like to “date” our kids. Spencer and I look forward to taking Addi and Emmi out separately so that we can give them that one-on-one time they deserve. When I was growing up, my brother and I are seven years apart, so I got plenty of time with my parents. And because of that I grew up having an amazing relationship with both my mom and dad, and I still do have a great relationship with them. When Addi was growing up Spencer would work round-the-clock. He was gone before we woke up and came back home when we were already sleeping, so unfortunately he missed the first two years of Addis childhood. The good thing is that they now spend so much time together that she will never know the difference. I think he definitely made up for it.
Since we don’t have family close by and we don't use baby sitters this is something that has worked for us. What we do is alternate with Addi and Emmi. Some days I take Addi out and some days Spencer takes her. This usually works also when we want to go watch a movie and we can't all go because Emmi is still a little too young. We haven’t tried taking her yet but I have a feeling she wont last long. So this is one of the main reasons we split it up like this.

Some of the benefits of dating your kids are that these one-on-one times can really open up lines of communication between your kids and yourself. I want both my daughters to be able to come to me with anything. Dating our children should build strong relationships if done right. It can also benefit our children with their relationships and friendships as they grow up. If you work on talking to your children now, it will make it easier to talk to each other in the long run, when it is necessary. To me there is something very special with going on dates with my girls. It doesn’t really matter what we do. As long as it always ends with them knowing how much I love them. 

We try to do these as often as we can. We usually know when “it’s time” for some mommy and me time or daddy and me time. See what works for you and your family. Start with once a month and see if you can work in some more at a time. Ask your children what they want to do, and go with it. What’s important is that they feel like they matter and that they have a voice. I usually bring both girls depending on where we go. Hashtag mom life. But Addi still thinks is awesome to do something she wants to do. 

 some fun date ideas that your kids will love 

Some that cost money:
Going for ice cream, or any other sweet treat 
Go bowling 
Have a lunch/dinner date- can be cheap, some restaurants have a “kids eat free” 
Go miniature golfing 
Going to a movie

Going for a bike ride, or any ride on toy your child may like 
Bake something together 
A library date 
Window shop at a pet store 
Feed the ducks 

At the end of the day it doesn’t have to be something that you have to spend money on. Our main focus for taking the girls on dates is because with our full schedules and life in general it is easy to not pay so much attention to our children. Giving then a few minutes or more of undivided attention will mean the world to our children. Any little effort will work. Just remember to be there for them. 

XO, Rachel 

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  1. This was a nice post. I am usually desperately looking for date ideas with my husband thinking that I spend enough time with my girls, but this is a fresh perspective. I will be planning more daughter-mama dates. ;) Thanks for sharing!


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