Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter 2017

I was so excited for this years Easter celebration that I almost forgot about it. I am usually a procrastinator so I know that I have to write everything down including deadlines and give myself some time ahead to plan. So for this years Easter I was already planning and shopping literally the day after Valentines!! I was shopping for the girls dresses and baskets, and other decorations for our home. It just so happen to be that the weekend before Easter, we were gone for spring break and I ended up not having time for hardly anything. I was mostly excited because Emmi was able to walk and hold her own basket and look so adorable while egg-hunting. But like I mentioned, everything was happening so fast that we almost didn’t do all the fun stuff. Somehow we managed and crammed a few things over a week-span. I was glad that we at least got some photos and we will always have to remember. I hope everyone had great Easter! 

XO, Rachel 

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