Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Happenings

This was one of my favorite weekend so far. The weather was just right and we got to watch Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen it yet? It was so good. With out spoiling anything for you from the movie, I want to talk about a hot topic surrounding the movie, a certain man-on-man “action” that was controversial in the upcoming days of the movie releasing. First of all, absolutely nothing happened. Your kids are safe to watch. Second of all, I thought it was ridiculous that movie theaters in my area were trying to boycott the movie to begin with, with out really knowing anything. So if you had any doubts on watching the movie, do you self a favor and go. It is so good! Addi and I loved it and we are thinking on going to watch it again. After watching the movie Addi and I went out for dinner, just the two of us. I love spending one-on-one time with her.

Our Saturday we decided to spend it together as a family. First we went to Costco to look for outdoor patio stuff and just came out with a water hose, ha ha. We even did lunch at Costco. Talk about a cheap lunch! We then took the girls to Provo Beach Resort for some arcade games and ice-cream. 

I hope you all had an awesome weekend.

XO, Rachel 

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