Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Top 6 Utah Spring Break Staycations

This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing some of our favorite attractions 

Addi has spring break starting this weekend. It is technically starting Monday, but we are headed to some warmer weather over the weekend and I cannot wait! We have had rain for a few days now, and it should continue throughout the week so I need to be in some warm weather stat. We thought about whether or not traveling for her spring break and ultimately decided that we should travel since we probably won’t be able to till summer time.

If we weren’t planning on leaving the state for vacation, that wouldn’t have been a problem either. After living in the state of Utah for a few years now, we have grown to love this place. More specifically because there are so many options for family and kid friendly activities. So many great options to take the kids to have some fun over spring break. If you aren’t going anywhere during spring break and you have kids or even no kids, check out our top six places in northern Utah to take the kids during spring break. I have listed them below in no particular order.

1. The seaquest interactive aquarium is pretty fun. a lot more than what I expected. I knew from the name that it was going to be interactive but I didn’t realize how hands on it was going to be. Our favorite was the birds that you can get to feed. As soon as you walk in you get greeted by at least half a dozen parakeets. There are other animals you can feel and touch along the way like, lizards, snakes, and turtles. You can swim with the stingrays, get a fish spa treatment, and Addis favorite, the mermaids. Which you can talk to and take pictures with. At the end you can finish up the the gift shop and find an awesome souvenir. We went with both girls and it was perfect for all ages.

2. The lagoon theme park opened back up this weekend and we are excited. Spencer and I have been here for a few date nights during the warmer weather and it was so much fun. There are plenty of rides for kids as well. We have yet been here with Emmi, but I know plenty of people who go with little ones in strollers. This is the closest Utah will come to a Six Flags Magic Mountain type of theme park. It has all kinds of roller coasters and other fun rides. This is something that you can easily spend a whole day in. They have food there as well for all your needs, either full meals or just snacks. They also have a water park Lagoon A Beach, the name is so catchy. I haven’t been there but I hope we can make it there this summer. 

Thanksgiving Point is one of my all time favorite places for kid fun. It is a 4-in-one fun center. 3 amazing museums and 1 huge awesome garden. We have been to thanksgiving point countless of times. Since Addi was about two years old, this was our go-to place. We had the membership that allowed us to get into every venue there. They have the Museum of Ancient Life, which we call the Dino museum. The Ashton Gardens where you can get lost in a huge garden with an amazing waterfall. The Museum of Natural Curiosity, we call it the kids museum because it’s a giant indoor playground. It is so amazing! And my favorite, Farm Country complete with a petting zoo, wagon rides, and pony rides. Perfect for kids of every age. Food is available at all the venues. Each museum also has a gift shop.

If you have little ones that love to watch birds or just love birds and nature in general, Tracy Aviary is the place to go. They have so many different exhibits with so many different birds from different parts of the world. They have a cool owl forest, a duck pond, and our favorite the flamingo exhibit. This is great for kids of all ages.

 5. Looking for something more outdoors? How about a hike even the littles ones will enjoy. Take a look at these fun hikes that even the kids can finish and have fun along the way. We haven’t done a hike up in northern Utah but we have gone down to southern Utah and it has been fun every time. The fresh air and getting some exercise in feels so good. I am wanting to do a family hike and take both girls this time.

6. One of our favorites that we like to visit year round is the Hogle Zoo. They have activities and events year round from trick-or-treating at the zoo for the kids to a Zoo brew for the adults. Sitting on over 42 acres of natural terrain and tree covered pathways, Utah’s Hogle Zoo has something for everyone! There is an interactive play area where they bring out some of the smaller animals for kids to see. In the summer months they have a splash zone. There’s a train that goes around some of the animal exhibits. The carousel is also fun if you want to take a break from walking. The bird show is a pretty awesome thing to sit and watch. All the kids will love it. They have souvenir shops throughout the park.

Most images are via google, not my own. 

I hope you all enjoyed your spring break and if you haven’t got out for spring break I hope the weather in your neck of the woods is perfect. Enjoy it and happy spring!

XO, Rachel

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