Monday, March 27, 2017

MSM: Favorite Things Box

You might be wondering, “ what the heck is a favorite things box? ” Well a few ladies from our link-up group thought it might be a fun idea to get together and send each other a little something. A box of some of our favorite things! I thought this was such a fun and neat thing to do. It definitely shows how supportive we all are of each other. We took a poll and decided on a theme for our box, and settled on a seasonal theme. I thought this was a perfect because the spring items can be endless.

My themed box I got was so cute. It came in a cute tin bucket, which I put on our table with some flowers I got. It looks so good there. I got some star burst jelly beans, which were consumed almost immediately some Milano milk chocolate cookies which are SO good. The small flower pots were adorable and Addi took over those. She wanted to work on them right away and grow some flowers. A purple nail polish, perfect color for spring and a burt’s bees chapstick. A turquoise table runner and egg shaped plates that I also put on our dining table. Thank you so much Mellisa for my awesome box. I hope we get to do this again because I had so much fun putting my box together, and receiving one.

Check out what the other ladies in our “favorite things” exchange group got! 

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XO, Rachel 


  1. Melissa nailed it! This is such a cute favorite things box! I love the bucket!

  2. I love those egg plates! It's so fun to see what everyone got!!

  3. So cute! Love that she put everything in a bucket! Everything is so perfect for spring.

  4. cute, cute, cute! I am loving seeing everyone's favorites!


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