Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Getting Personal With CaseApp

If you know me, then you know I love anything personalized. Whether that would be jewelry or some personalized clothing. If it has initials or photos, I’m all over that. Recently I got a new phone and I hate having a case on it because I love the look and feel of a brand new phone. But Spencer is always telling me that I need a case for it. He knows how many phones I have had to replace because they always seem to slip out of my hands.

When it comes to phone cases, I hate those bulky ones. I know that those will protect my phone but I am all about the fancy cases. I tell myself I need a different case for every different holiday. When I came across CaseApp I knew I had to have some of their phone cases. They have pre-made cases, which have some really fun and unique designs. Or you can create your own custom case and personalize it like I did. They have cases available for all phone types . So I am sure you can find or make a case for whatever type of smart phone that you have.

Designing my own phone case was so easy! You can preview exactly how it will turn out. You can add your own images. They give you a list of fonts that you can use. And you can switch up the colors as well. Now I have an awesome looking case on my phone and I don’t have to worry about my phone falling and getting damaged. If you are not into a case, don’t you worry. You can choose a skin option as well. I got the skin option for my Macbook. Best of all, I can remove the skin off my Macbook and it wont leave a residue.

Now for my Macbook, I have never had anything over it. I usually carry it in a sleeve case. I was excited when CaseApp also had skin options for that, too. Now my phone and macbook are protected and look great. I get asked about my phone case with the girl’s picture on it. It is the cutest. I am thinking of making my mom one. These cases make great gift ideas!

Cases and Laptop Skin c/o CaseApp

XO, Rachel 

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