Monday, January 2, 2017

Venturing Out With Hello Fresh

Now that we have welcomed a new year, one of the things I wanted to do more of was cook with fresh ingredients. A lot of times I loose track of time and either lunch of dinner time comes around  and I have to rush to get some food on the table. Usually resulting in a not-so-healthy dinner thrown together.  I always thought that to be able to have a nice healthy dinner, I would have to slave all day in the kitchen. Or that buying fresh produce and meats would be so expensive. My Pinterest board is full of all these recipes that I probably will never get to because I feel like I can’t do them or that it will take me too long.

Then I came across HelloFresh. I love that hello fresh took me out of my comfort zone and made me use ingredients I have never thought about using before. I love how the recipes involve a lot of fresh veggies. It is all in the name, Hello fresh. I was challenged and cooked meals I never knew I could cook. And tried flavors I have never tried before. The meals I have made so far have been so good. I love how when I was prepping and cutting up the veggies it smelled like an amazing explosion of flavors in my kitchen. And my house smelled like a 5 star restaurant.

Hello fresh is for everyone. I can’t think of a person I wouldn’t suggest this to. It saves me all the guess work from meal planing, to taking both girls grocery shopping ( which is a task in itself ) I don't have to make a grocery list and have the possibility of forgetting something. ( trust me it happens all the time ) I don't have to worry about wasting away a lot of leftovers or unused and uncooked  food that I didn’t need. Everything is measured for you and delivered right to your door!

This isn't for lazy people. This is for YOU. The busy mom, the one that hates to cook, the one that hates to grocery shop. The one that has a hard time getting to the grocery store, the one that “can’t cook”. The meals are delicious and easy. I was so amazed at how I couldn’t mess anything up and I was so proud of how yummy the meals turned out. Addi loves to help me cook and she got so involved. She and I both learned new things about produce I have never used before. Even my pickiest eater, Spencer, was surprised at how tasty everything was. He approved!

My favorite meals: 
Skewer-less Chicken kebabs 
Hoisin-Glazed Meatballs 

 Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own. 

 XO, Rachel 

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