Monday, January 16, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Indoor Winter Activities

We still have a few more snow days in our forecast where we live, which is a bummer for me. Specially on the weekends or holidays like today! We could go out to an indoor museum, but we’ve done that and been there this season. Also our roads here in Utah have been pretty crazy. So going out is not always an option for us. This is why I’ve had to get creative and think of ways to entertain the girls at home. A few months ago I wrote about some Indoor fun for Emmi, but since then she has grown and her play needs are a lot more demanding. Most of our time is spent in our loft area which we have turned into the “playroom”. We have an entertainment area with a kitchen, play tent, and a reading area. It’s colorful and bright and I love being there with the girls. But I don’t want to be a plain ‘ol basic mom, ha ha! So lets kick this playtime up a notch! Here are some fun and cool ideas ( I think)  for indoor playtime, for winter days or anytime you can’t make it outside.

1. Get your swimsuits on and fill the bathtub up! Bring the beach to you. Throw some sunscreen on your nose and some sunnies on to make it the real deal. Don’t forget the lemonade and beach shovel!

2. Indoor picnic. Grab your favorite blanket or Gather mat and pack your favorite lunch. Stock your favorite picnic basket with some yummy cheeses and fruits, and some sweet lemonade.

3. A drive-in movie. Complete with a concessions stand with popcorn and boxed candy. Make a poster board of some movie options you already have at home. If your kids have any play
cars like a cozy coupe, then brings those in!

4. A scavenger hunt. Dust off your binoculars or toy magnifying glasses and get looking! You can make up your own list of things you have at home or print a freebie off online. A themed treasure hunt would be fun too. The kids can use a backpack to collect their things!

5. Chores! It doesn’t always have to be all work and no play. You can make chore time a fun time. Try making a game out of it, or a race. Who can put away their clothes the fastest. Have the little ones clean up their area of play with this cute cleaning play set

Whatever you decide to do, don’t miss out on the fun. Lets get involved with our little ones and bring out your cameras. There will be lots of photo ops. 

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XO, Rachel 


  1. Your pink kitchen set is adorable! I love the idea of an indoor scavenger hunt!

  2. Ok, all these ideas are so much fun!!! I love the idea of bringing the beach to you, and the drive in movie sounds so fun! This is a great list. :)

  3. Love these fun ideas!! I cant wait to take mav to a drive in movie when he is older!

  4. These are such fun ideas! A drive in move sounds great. We haven't ever let Boston watch TV and now when we try to watch something he just wants to play! He couldn't care less! Ha.

  5. SO many good ideas, here! I've never even thought of the bathtub one. Thanks for sharing!


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