Thursday, January 12, 2017

Let It Snow…No More

We have been getting so much snow lately and I am kinda over it. It snowed all day today! I normally don’t mind the snow or the cold but this year I’m just over with it. Wearing a big jacket, scarf, and a beanie all while trying to drive has made me feel so claustrophobic lately. I don’t know why, I’m usually not like that. Not to mention how scary the roads have been. The girls and I were driving back home the other day and our car was sliding to the sides, it was so scary. Our neighborhood doesn’t really get plowed so our neighborhood streets coming out of our development are pretty bad. The weather is bad enough that we could stay indoors all day but it gets hard having the girls couped inside all day.

Addi had been loving it though. She wants to be outside playing in the snow all day long. I can probably spend some good 20 minutes outside and that’s only because I wanted to take some photos. For Christmas she got a little jeep and it does so well in the snow! ha ha. It is so funny to see her driving through the snow in it. I cant wait for this weekend because we will head south and hopefully the snow does not follow us. I am ready for some sunshine.

XO, Rachel 

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