Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Be Mine

Being a girl mom has been the best thing EVER to me. Just being a mom in general brings out the kid in me, specially for the holidays. I love going all out and decorating with the girls. They love to do themed lunches and dinners when we set up the table and watch a movie afterwards. This valentines I was so excited to start setting their table for them. As always Target is my go to store for all things holidays, but I did find tons of other great stuff at Michael's, Pottery Barn Kids, and Walmart.

I love to see these two little sisters interact and share with each other. And it’s a huge plus when I can dress them up together. I will share their cute outfits soon. We did a whole day of all things valentines. From this cute lunch set-up to some Valentine’s Day crafts. This is something easy and fun that any kid will love. We have more lunches, dinners, and crafts planned for this week. Yesterday we did a themed breakfast with yummy donuts!

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XO, Rachel 

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