Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Casual Galentine’s Day look

It is only the beginning of the new year and we have already hit the ground running. No time for rest or sleeping around here. We just celebrated Emmi's First birthday last weekend and my brothers birthday is this next weekend. Also, Valentine’s Day is already in full swing in our home. Thank you Target for taking all my money and giving me a head start  on decorating for this.

This month I still have so many things to do and not enough time. A few of my close friends and I have a mommy + me Valentine’s Day celebration in the works. I’m helping Addis class with their class party and another Galetine’s Day event coming soon. Did I mention there is no time for sleep around here. Hash tag, teamnosleep. If you haven’t heard about Galentine’s Day or you are unsure of what it is, well let me tell you, It is the girlfriends version of Valentine’s Day.

Valentines day is celebrated on February 13, so leave your man at home and grab your girlfriends instead! Galentines day is pretty much the best day ever! You don’t have to be single, whatever you relationship status is, just grab your best group of girlfriends and have fun. No need to have a full on party if you don’t want to. You can keep it simple and classy. If you still don’t know of what is acceptable for Galentine’s day, no worries, I have rounded up some ideas that you can do with your best girls and have a blast together!

1. Go to brunch
2. Have a girls night out/girls night in
3. Go on a shopping trip
4. Get manis/pedis
5. Spa day

What are some ideas you have for a fun Galentine’s day?

XO, Rachel 

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