Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santa Photos!

Crossing Santa photos off our holiday bucket list, check! I was so excited to get these done because Emmi was able to be part of it. Holidays with the kids are so much fun. Experiencing all these things with them is like magic. The smile, the glistening in the eyes, and most of all, believing. At least that is how it is with Addi. Emmi was not sure what to think of and I am just glad she didn't cry! ha ha. I love that these aren't your regular middle of the mall Santa photos. I went with Foto Fly and they are really understanding of how little ones can be traumatized with the whole experience. So they make your session personal and intimate. You can even dress up as a Santa and be photographed from the waist down, which I though was a really neat idea. 

So here are our Santa photos, I hope you like them as much as we do. They are being sent out to the family as we speak, for this years holiday card. 

XO, Rachel 

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