Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Eleven Months!!


It was so fun celebrating this little babes first Christmas. We did a lot of fun things this month and I have been so slow at sharing everything so bare with me. One of the biggest news we have is that Emmi girl is weaning off breast feeding. After 11.5 successful months of exclusively breast feeding she seems to not have that much interest in it anymore. After she started sleeping through the night our nursing schedule was down to 3-4 times during the day. That was with solids and a little bit of water in between. In the beginning I told my self that I was only going to nurse her for 6 months. When 6 months came around, there were no signs of stopping so we kept going. Although it was an amazing experience for me and very nutritious for Emmi, I am glad our nursing journey has ended. For me it was really tough not having my body to myself, ha ha. I really felt different in my own skin. The only downside is that aunt Flo has moved back in with me. 

I have been planning Emmis First Birthday for a few weeks now and decided on the  cutest theme. I still cant believe that it has been almost a year. I don’t want to accept it. Both my baby girls are growing up so fast. I have loved watching Emmi learn so many new thing these last couple of months. Even though I experienced all the new things with Addi, it is still amazing to see how different but yet alike they are. 

Eleven Month Stats

Waves Good-bye
Says “Hi, mama, Addi, dada”
Got two new top teeth 
First Christmas 
Taking one step at a time 

XO, Rachel 

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