Sunday, December 18, 2016

Being Festive

Trying to soak in these last few days of December in. I swear December creeped up on me! We tried cramming in so many fun activities and I was glad we got to experience and enjoy so much. We went to a tree farm, saw some lights from our car. We got to take Santa photos and visited Santa a handful of times! We made holiday cookies at least 10 times. Wrote letters to Santa, and deliver them. Addi has her school Christmas program this coming week  and I am so excited I might cry! Then she is off on her Christmas break and I can’t wait to take her sledding and Ice skating. Emmi has no idea what is happening. All she knows is that mommy might be a little crazy for always blaring Christmas music and watching a big guy wearing a red coat on T.V like everyday! ha ha. Soon little one, you will learn to love the holidays. I hope everyone has been having a magical December. 

XO, Rachel 

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