Friday, November 4, 2016

The Mother of All Bags

When it comes to owning and wearing a bag, I tend to get picky and particular about it. It can't be too small or the straps can't be too short, and it also has to have an extra strap in case I want to wear it differently, etc, etc. Those were my kind of worries way before I had kids, ha ha. Then I became a mom and the hunt for a diaper bag was even more overwhelming. It can't be too big and it needs 10 plus pockets and it can't be too bulky etc, etc. The struggle was real! Except that when I had Addi being a first time mom was hard in itself that I didn't really think twice about the diaper bag I got. I think I bought the first one I saw at Target and went with it. The second time around I was more prepared and so many new diaper bag were out and I was a little more picky about the bag I was about to haul around for the next year or so. So I needed something that looked good and that was functional for a mom of two.

Now, I've had a few diapers bags in the last ten months. Because I am hard to please and I have never been fully satisfied with a diaper bag until now. I am a mom on the go. I am a full time mom during the day, and a working mom at night! And Occasionally, I like to have a good GNO every now and then. Can I get an AMEN! So on my occasional gno, I don't want to take my diaper bag with me. It is my one night I get, kid-free! So I like to take something a little more fun out. But to switch out bags and get my personal stuff out can be a hassle. I don't want to misplace important things during the switch out. But I also don't want to be THAT mom with the obvious diaper bag in tow.

This is what I absolutely love about my Charlotte + Asher diaper bag. It doesn't even look like a diaper bag. It is so chic, stylish, and my every day go-to bag. Made by two moms who also new the struggle about not having good looking diaper bags. It doesn't even matter that when I go out I have to dig through so many diapers and sippy cups to get to my wallet, because no one can see. All that matters it that the outside is sleek and modern and it totally passes as my purse.

This bag fits everything. Not to mention the inside lining is pink, Eek!  It also comes with a changing pad, huge plus! Enough pockets on the inside to fit my stuff and the baby stuff. Are you ready for the best part?! This mama duo thought about everything. Not only did they make the best looking diaper bag ever, but they also give back. So with every Charlotte + Asher bag sold they help provide vaccinations for a child in need! You can read more info about it here

Bag: C/O Charlotte+Asher
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