Monday, November 7, 2016

Easy Ways To Boost Your Child's Confidence

1. Allow them to fall
Be there when they do. I am guilty of wanting everything Addi does, to be perfect. That's not realistic she's five. And as much as I want her to do things the right way she will fall and I will be there to tell her to get up and try again, and again. 

2. Give them responsibilities 
Let them help around the house. I am a neat freak so I do things my way. As hard as it is to let Addi  clean something up and only do it half way right, she felt good about being able to help me and that I counted on her to help me. 

3. Encourage them to express themselves 
Addi Loves to dress herself and she sometimes looks a little crazy, I'm not going to lie. She also loves to paint and draw and comes up with the weirdest things ever, that in her five year old mind is a masterpiece. 

4. Display art
kids are naturally proud of their work show them you care and display their art. I made Addi her own little section by our dinning area with her own table and all the art work she brings home gets displayed front and center for everyone to see. 

5. Celebrate their success and mile stones 
This one is my favorite. I am that mom that will celebrate the smallest of things. I know when she gets older I will probably embarrass her and I will never apologize for it. Naturally, I will forever be proud of her good choices and accomplishments

6. Avoid comparisons  
Every child is different with their own strengths and personalities. I am guilty of always comparing my kids to other kids. Like how your 4 month old is the same size as my 9 month old? Then I have to tell myself, "you are only 5' 1, so your kids are on the smaller side" Nothing wrong with that. 

7. Spend quality time with your child 
Another one of my favorites. There should be no excuse really for this one. To be a good mom doesn't mean you have to be with your children 24/7. I get it, you have a full-time job during the day/night. Our kids will remember you taking a solid 30 minutes with undivided attention and doing something that they want to do. 

8. Listen!
I get it, it is hard to put the phone down, or the remote control. But I know we  can do it. It is all about priorities. That conversation with you mommy friend can wait. She is a mom too so she will understand if you excuse yourself for a second to see what you little one is asking for. Sometimes our kids are speaking to us by their actions, so pay attention and listen. 

9. Be positive 
It is good to use phrases like "you did that so well!" "You have the best ideas" "Great question"  It also makes them feel important. just because we look down to see them doesn't mean we should ever look down at them or speak down to them. Kids say some crazy nonsense sometimes. I try to ask more questions to understand what she is trying to communicate to me. 

10. Make conversations 
Me and Addi have so many conversations and I love that she can open up to me. They usually take place in the car and I learn so much from our conversations. 

XO, Rachel

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  1. This was a great read! I'll be keeping these things in mind for sure.


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