Monday, October 17, 2016

Little Cosmetics For Little Ladies

Being a girl mom has been the best thing to happen to me. I feel like I have met my calling and I am reliving my childhood through my daughters. The dress-up, the princess stuff, and now the pretend play makeup! It all has been so fun. Addi loves playing pretend and I also love that she's not just a super girly-girl, she loves video games and super heros. If you are getting a head start on your holiday shopping, I mean why wouldn't you? This set makes a wonderful gift for that special girl in your life. I wish I had nieces because I would totally get every one of them this cute cosmetics set. Addi loves it and she even tries to put it on me. My heart melts every time I see these two playing together. Emmi just loves to be around Addi. She loves starring at her big sister and wants to imitate everything Addi does.

 Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup c/o

XO, Rachel 

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