Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kindergarten So Far

I am so proud of Addi and how well she is doing in school. I am also very pleased with her school and teacher. Addi can't wait to go to school on a daily basis. She gets up and gets ready for school every morning after breakfast. On the weekends she says she can't wait for school on Monday. Addi can count 20 and to 5 in Spanish! She knows, I, see, the, can, we, since they are leaning to read. I love all the fun things they do for them in school. Like already Addi was queen for the day. They do Show and Tell every every week, with a new themed every week. They also had Grandparents day which has been my favorite day so far ( I cant wait for a daddy/daughter dance Eek!). School pictures  were last week and I ordered a bunch for everyone in the family! They had Pajama day too, which I didn't believe Addi for a second because I missed that weeks newsletter and I thought Addi was playing a joke on me, ha ha. I love that she can write her name perfectly now. And I can tell she is proud of herself.

I can't wait to see how much more she learns and grows this year.

XO, Rachel 

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