Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Girls In The Fur Vest

I cant believe October is almost coming to an end. I don't want it to end! 

At least we still have some Trick-or-treating to do and all the pumpkins we could ask for, ha ha. Seriously though, we have enough pumpkins as it is and my parents got a few more for Addi this weekend and she insisted on bringing them to our house. 

What do I do with them after? I'm sure they are going to start rotting away soon, ugh! 

This Fall has by far been the best yet. Spending time with my little ladies doing all things fall has been magical. Emmi is at this stage where she really has no choice in what we do, ha ha, but she is so go-with-the-flow type of girl. She loves watching Addi do all kinds of things. All of the times we have been to the pumpkin patches she just sits in the wagon and laughs every time Addi brings her a pumpkin. It is my favorite to watch them interact. 

I was so giddy when I realized we all had these faux fur vest! We had to wear them and document this for sure. Besides, I have to soak it all in and enjoy it now before both girls decide to wear what they want, when the want. Addi is already there. On most days she picks out her own outfits and I just have to roll with the punches. 

Addis Outfit: 
Vest: Old Navy (old) 
Jeans: HCD, Use code "harpers friend"
Barrets: c/o Zelda Matilda, Use code "tutus15"
Shoes: Old Navy 

My Outfit: 
Vest: Forever 21
Jeggings, Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Target

Emmis Outfit:
Vest: Children's Place 
Shirt dress: Old Navy 
Shoes: Walmart 
Headband, c/o Zelda Matilda  

XO, Rachel 

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