Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another Day Another Pumpkin Patch

There is something about going to a pumpkin patch with your kids that feels so magical. Or maybe is just that we are all in the spirit of the fall season. I mean there isn't a better way to celebrate this season than to go apple picking or to a few pumpkin patches. There are so many around where we live that we could probably visit a new one every day for the whole month. Addi loves running around and finding the silliest pumpkin she can find. And she always wants to bring more than she can carry home. I don't mind bringing home a few more. Is there a such thing as too many pumpkins on your porch? Emmi loves leaning up against them and bouncing up and down. She will happily stand there and pose for photos all day long. She did try to eat one at one point! ha ha. Love taking the girls out making memories with them. 

XO, Rachel 

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