Sunday, September 18, 2016

Making Midnight Feedings Easier + Our Home Safer

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you all happy and well. Ever since we have moved I have been making our house a home, little by little. The main rooms I wanted to start working on were our bedrooms. Addis is pretty much done. Ours needs some furniture and Emmi's needs a paint job and a few decorations here and there. When Emmi was born she was co-sleeping with us. Although night feedings were so easy, I couldn't wait for her to sleep in her own room at night.

Now that she is down to one feeding at night, life seems a little easier. Her room is the first one down the hall from our room. It is a short hallway away ;) ( no pun intended ) I'm not going to lie, some nights I get out of bed dragging my feet and I stumble my way down the hall. Good thing I don't leave anything in the way. Now that fall is upon us the sun goes down a lot sooner and it seems like the nights are so much darker! Turning on the hall light in the middle of the night is so hard. It literally burns my eyeballs ha ha! I still haven't gotten her a lamp in her room, I keep procrastinating it. And I hate turning on her closet light because I feel like she wakes up even more, and that's the last thing I want her to do at 4 am!

I am so thankful I came across these motion censored LED lights! They are life savers for these middle of the night wakings/feedings. They are so easy and so convenient. Easy to install, all I have to do is plug them in. The best part is that I can move them around anytime I want to any part of the house i want, to make life a lot more convenient. They start working as soon as you plug them in to a wall outlet. At any time there is low light the motion LED lights will sense movement and turn on, they will stay on as long as there is movement and stay on. They will turn off 90 seconds after motion stops. Super easy, super efficient and everyone is happy!

These lights aren't just for kids rooms. These work great for kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. So you don't have to be a parent. I know at some point everyone gets up in the middle of the night. Which is another reason why I love these motion LED lights. They also help me when I need to go downstairs at night. I sometimes will wake up thinking that I forgot to lock the garage door!

I also have one in Addis bathroom. I love knowing that if she needs to get up in the middle of the night she won't stumble or fall and she doesn't need to turn on a bright light. She likes to think she has magical powers when they turn on. 

 To help all of you light up your home this fall season with Motion LED Lights, I have an awesome giveaway!  One person will win a $200 Amazon gift card, to get some of your own GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights during the coming darker months. To enter just use the form below   #Light4Night

How will you be using your GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights this season? 

XO, Rachel 


  1. Great giveaway! These would be perfect to have in my home. Those midnight feedings are brutal, especially when fumbling in the dark.

  2. We have some similar to that and they are so awesome!

  3. We could definitely use these! She's such a cutie too!

  4. What a cool idea! Love that they're on motion sensors!

  5. That is genius! What a cool idea! I need these in my house! My eyes do not adjust to the dark and light quickly, so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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