Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello, Fall

It is officially Fall time. Even though here in Utah we have been experiencing some on and off fall days already. Even rain! Don't get me wrong, I have been loving it. I feel like as soon as school starts hot days should be over! ha ha. Who has already decorated for Halloween? Be honest. I have been dying to skip fall and just start on the Halloween decorating train. But getting a head start on Halloween decorating seems to be frowned upon here so, I kept it minimal this last few days.

My fall decor is minimal this year too. A few weeks ago I started pulling out my boxes from the basement and I donated a lot of old decorations I didn't need. I wanted to start fresh this year. Which makes me that much more excited to decorate for Halloween. Going to Tai Pan Trading, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's has been killing me! So much good stuff.

So far this is what we have put out. Ha ha, don't judge!

Check out our Fall bucket list from last year. I will post our new one soon! 

XO, Rachel 

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