Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Eight Months!


Since it feels like fall around here it was only right that I made her monthly photo "fall themed" 
At eight months we not only have a fast crawler in our hands but also a little one that loves to stand up. Emmi loves to crawl up to all of our furniture or anything that she can pull herself up with, and stand up. It takes her a second to sit back down, almost like she thinks the floor is too far but she does it. She officially doesn't want me to feed her, so baby pureed food is out. She only wants to eat food that she can feed herself, so any finger foods. We haven't held back on what we give her. She just loves to  eat. She is still nursing a few times a day. She still only has her two bottom teeth. She is officially using the "big girl" tub, since she loves to stand and crawl all-around. 

8 Month Stats
Will be celebrating mamas birthday this month
two teeth
Loves eating finger foods 
Says "tata"
Stands up well

XO, Rachel 

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