Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baby Safety Month with Owlet Baby + A Giveaway

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If you didn't know September is baby safety month. I am working with Owlet Baby to bring you 5 baby bath products that will help keep the tub safe. Becoming a parent can be overwhelming in itself and a lot of times we over-look the little things or we go all out and bubble wrap the entire house. Not to worry though, you don't have to bubble wrap your entire house from the day you bring home baby. To ease some stress I am here to talk about 5 cool things you can do to make bath time safe and fun.

We have LOVED our 4moms tub. Clean water always flows in and all the dirty water flows out. Not to mention it comes with a built in water thermometer so I always know that the water temperature is safe for Emmi. Speaking about 4moms, When it is time for Addi to take a bath, I take out Emmis tub and slip on the 4moms spout cover. Just like the tub it has a color coded thermometer and it also protects against bumps. 

A mat is another thing that is good to have. I use it mainly when Addi does bath time, to ensure we don't have any slips. Addi has a frozen one, ha ha, but this  colorful mat is great and affordable. Emmi loves bath time, she could stay there for hours. One thing she doesn't like is getting soap or shampoo in her eyes. So finding this bath visor solved our problems so I don't have to worry about irritated little eyes. Although I have to do this part super fast because she tries to take it off faster than I can put it on. 

And lastly something for all parents. Some of us don't like to sit there watching our kids take a bath for hours. It ca get a little uncomfortable. So to ease a little bit of that, get yourself an elbow rest that doubles as some storage compartment!  

Last but not least, Check out this awesome giveaway! 

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Owlet Baby Care - The only baby monitor that uses hospital technology designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. 

XO, Rachel 


  1. For my new baby girl who was born August 18th!

  2. I want one for my new baby due in February! Hoping it will give me some piece on mind and help me sleep.

  3. I would love this to give me some piece of mind and not feel like i have to check on my newborn every few minutes!

  4. I would love to win this so that I could have some peace of mind and not worry so much at nighttime.


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