Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good Dog eats With Purina's New Beneful IncrediBites

With our recent move we were able to bring our dog with us because we have a house with a yard now. Which took us a long time to find, all because we could not leave our furry friend behind. It wasn't even an option. He is more than part of the family. Addi was so excited when we first got him and she does a great job at being a dog owner. 

We didn't realize that with the big move our dog would develop anxiety and stress. The new place was so different and strange to him. The first few days at the new place he would hardly eat anything. So we decided to switch things up a bit and make him feel special and at home. With just some quick, easy, and simple changes, Ro is on his way to becoming the best fur friend anyone can ask for. 

If you don't know, our dogs name is Ro, short for Roman. He is a chihuahua mix that we got from my parents. He is two years old now and the best dog we could ask for. He can take sometime to come around new people that he meets but once he does, he is way lovable. I love how he takes care of us and our home. He barks at anything strange, it is his way to let us know to be careful. Because he is more than just our family dog, he is family, we like to show him our love by making sure he can get the best food possible to live a long and healthy lifestyle. 

Since he wasn't eating right after we moved we were concerned and wanted to make sure he was alright. We decided to give Purina's Beneful IncrediBites dry dog food a try because they recently reformulated the ingredients and now it has no added sugars and meat is the #1 ingredient! Which was a huge plus for us and Ro. It is delicious to him and we are happy to know he is getting the nutrition that he needs. If we are eating healthy and smart, why can't our pet do the same? Which reminds me of this amazing chicken and vegetable soup recipe, "sopa de pollo",  my mom used to always make for my family when I was younger. Which has tons of chicken. Now I make the same chicken soup for my family. 

Since Ro was sensitive to our move and change, we were also sensitive to the idea of yet making another change in his food. So we took things slow. You will always want to make sure that the transition to your pets new food goes smoothly. Check out some great helpful feeding tricks and tips Here

Purina's Beneful IncrediBites really paid attention to what all dog owners were asking for. With the new reformulated recipe, Meat is the #1 ingredient and no sugars are added! and I don't have to go to a fancy pet store to get it. It is available at many grocery retailers. I just headed to my local Walmart and found just what I needed. 

Besides getting Ro some healthier food options we also made him his own spot in the house. It is his own little corner where he can feel at home and safe. They need to have their own territory. So It was very important to us to give him his space. Just like we have our own rooms pets need a place where they can hangout and be confined in a safe way. To create your pet their own little comfortable haven you will need: 
  • Dog bed or kennel
  • food and water bowl 
  • Mat (optional) 
  • Toys + toy storage 
Make you pet their own little corner
1. Find a spot where there isn't too much traffic. Like in the mud room or laundry room. Or maybe even a whole room you aren't using. Not too hot or cold

2. Make sure you put their bed/kennel in a corner. They like to keep their backs against the wall when sleeping

3. The room must have windows and natural light coming in.

4. They should have a comfortable bed with padding and you can give them a blanket as well. They like to make a "nest" 

5. Your dog should have access to fresh water and feed them regularly. 

6. It is important that your pet has toys or a form of entertainment 

7. Love your pet 

Want your pet to try the new recipe out for themselves? Sign them up for some free samples Here

XO, Rachel 

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