Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Seven Months!


Baby Em is seven months and we are so happy to see her growing up. It is still biter sweet but over all we are loving this stage and all the new changes we are seeing. The biggest change is that she has half a tooth that is poking out. it is so sharp but so cute. She had been teething for a while and she even got a cold. I am pretty sure those are the side effects of teething? Also, she is starting to almost crawl. She will get on her hands and knees and rock back + forth! So exciting. I knew in a few days or weeks I'm going to be on my toes even more. Time to buy baby gates and baby proof our whole house. 

Aside those two huge milestones. Em is also feeding herself little puffs and teething crackers. She loves them but I loath them, they make a huge mess. She babbles a lot and is so cute to hear her little voice .

6 Month Stats
Celebrated big sis 5th birthday 
First Tooth 
Slept through the night one time, lol 
Eats almost anything we give her
Still nursing well

XO, Rachel 

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