Thursday, August 25, 2016

From Pregnancy To Motherhood

Being 7 months post partum now and I am just stating to feel normal and comfortable in my own skin. I won't sugar coat anything. There is nothing glamorous about just having had a baby. There are some moms that look so well put together but I know under it all they are loosing it, just like me. There is bodily fluids, milk coming out, bloating and hair loss! and these are probably just a few. My biggest insecurity was not feeling myself in anything that I would wear. Clothes was either too tight or too loose. The only type of clothing I felt comfortable in was workout stuff. So I felt comfortable but I didn't feel like I looked my best. I mean, its workout out clothes, you can only look so good in it.

On top of that I am nursing so even if I was on a good day and good mood to get ready and dressed decent, it had to be something that I can easily nurse in. Which in itself is a task. Before going out I would have to ask myself, "where am I going'', "how long will I be out", and "can I nurse comfortably in it". So majority of the time it had to be separate top and bottoms. Dresses were sort of out of the question. Which was so hard because dresses were the only thing I felt really comfortable in. specially with the summer heat. Dresses are the perfect mix of loose and looking put together. The only problem is that a lot of the dresses I liked were not nursing friendly. Some of the nursing friendly dresses I found were too expensive or not my style.

Then I remembered that when I was pregnant I bought a lot of stylish clothes from this trendy online boutique. So I searched for some something I can feel and look great all while taking on motherhood. I also realized I had a wedding to attend and I found the perfect summer dress that can also be used as a maternity dress.

Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post. All opinions are still my own. 

Dress c/o PinkBlush
Nursing  cover

XO, Rachel 

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