Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Six Months!!


I can't believe half a year has flown by already! Miss Emm is one of the happiest babies I know. She goes to sleep happy and wakes up happy. She knows exactly who family is. And when strangers are around she's really observant and just stares, until she gets to feel comfortable around new people. When I realized her half a year mark was coming up, I decided to book a professional photoshoot (those photos coming soon). Emmi was so funny around our photographer. It took her a cool minute to warm up and give some smiles. Six months came up too quick. And I'm kind of still throwing a fit about it.

At six months, Emmi can sit up pretty good on her own. She does sometimes lean to the side and back. She doesn't really like tummy time, and I try to get her to practice some tummy time at least once a day. She's just not having it. This July we celebrated her first 4th of July, she went swimming in a pool for the first time. She's been teething on and off, but still no sign of a pearly white.

5 Month Stats
First 4th of July 
Sitting up on her own 
Dislikes tummy time 
Loves when Addi sings to her
Went swimming for the first time
Hates being on her back

XO, Rachel 

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