Friday, June 17, 2016

Staying Cool With Tobi

Happy Friday!! and hooray for Father's Day weekend. Whoa, I can't believe it is Father's Day already?! Who is ready to celebrate their favorite guy (or two)? I am so excited that we get to celebrate our favorite guys, Spencer and my dad. I will have to admit though, I haven't got neither one of them anything yet!.. I know, opps! It's not that I forgot. It's just that these two men are hard to shop for. Spencer pretty much gets himself anything he wants. And my dad, well, he doesn't ask for much.

But I am sure I have nothing to worry about. I will figure something out. I always do! Good thing is that I do have a menu ready for lunch and dinner on Sunday. I am excited to be able to cook something special for my two special guys.

So, lets talk about this dress for a second. I have been wearing it on repeat for a few days now. Mainly because it is comfortable and light. Light meaning it doesn't attract too much sun in this 100+ degree weather we are having. Also because I have found that nursing in it has been easy. It has a zipper in the front, which has been my favorite feature. Finding nursing friendly clothing is not easy. This dress isn't made for nursing, but it totally works!

I hope you all have wonderful weekend, and that you get to spend it with some special people. What are your plans this weekend?

Collard Dress c/o Tobi

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XO, Rachel 

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