Monday, June 13, 2016

Lake Day

We decided to be troopers and head to the lake for a bit. It actually wasn't that bad. Of course we went prepared with rash guard suits and a huge umbrella, to stay nice and cool under the shade. We made a play date out of it and went with a few friends! We had fun playing in the sand. Except we forgot to take our sand toys, so we had to make up games. Next time! 

We are lucky to live in such an amazing place. Here in southern Utah, we have some of the nicest views I have ever seen. It is mostly desert, which I'm not too fond of. But pretty views nonetheless. There are a few man-made lakes, creeks and national parks that are not too far away, just a short drive. But feel like you are away on a vacation. 

We hope to come back this week to the lake. Or maybe we will check out a new splash pad. Follow us on Snapchat, and check out our daily fun! 

Swim suit c/o SwimZip

XO, Rachel 

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