Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Teething Babe

Little Emmi has been showing signs of teething for a while now. At first it was just drool all over. Then she started with her hands in her mouth and biting, but I figure that was normal baby behavior. So I grabbed some Orajel and those baby teething toys with the water inside. A few weeks have passed and she seemed to be just fine. Yesterday, she was a a little fussy almost all day. Which is strange because normally she's a super happy baby. I feel so bad for her. I am her mama and I should be able to be there and comfort her. 

The only two things I have tried so far is this awesome contraption I came across on, called a Munch Mitt. Which I though was genius because she already loves to put things in her mouth. I also tried  the teething gel. She really loves playing with the mitt and it's soft. I love that it works on either hands and it won't slip off every 3 seconds! 

What are some teething remedies that you swear by? 


XO, Rachel 

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