Thursday, May 26, 2016

Surprise!! With Eggdrop

Does anyone else have little ones that love to be on youtube watching toy reviews or surprise egg videos?! We do, and Addi single handily is making all those you tubers tons of money! Ha ha. She watches the same few over and over again. In fact, she's wathcing some right now. Well if you have little ones that are like Addi, I've got the perfect thing for you and them. I bring you EggoDrop! It is a monthly/yearly subscription for little ones who love egg surprises. What are surprise eggs you ask? Well they are plastic easter eggs but of coursed filled with a little surprise. Ranging from your child's favorite brands like My little pony, shopkins, and marvel. No, we didn't make a review video on this surspise box, but there are some out there.

Use this special referral code! EggDrop and get $2 off!!

XO, Rachel 

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  1. Cute! My daughter loves getting mail!

    Thanks for linking up at #bloggerspotlight


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