Friday, May 13, 2016

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This little lady is almost four months old. So that means I have been exclusively breastfeeding her for 4 months! I am so proud, I didn't think I could do it, or that I would. I'm not going to lie, if it were up to me I would have quit a long time ago. It hasn't been easy, in fact, it was very painful in the beginning. Since day one I said I would nurse her for about 6 months. And now that the six month mark is only a few short months away, I feel that I am in no hurry to wean. I'm not going to push and actually try to stop, I'm just going to let things take their course and see how much longer I can go. Besides she is starting to show tons of interest in eating more that just milk. So I probably will only need to nurse every so often. I might introduce her to baby food, like rice cereal soon. 

Right now she eats at around 7.30 pm and goes to bed for the night. Sleeping for about 6 hours then waking up to eat. She eats twice at night. Wakes up around 8.30 am, eats and plays for about an hour. She takes her first nap at around 9.30 am, which is usually about an hour long. Depending if she had a bath or not. If she had a bath she sleeps longer. Our schedule is still kinda weird. Some days are super off. So we are taking that day by day. That's why I haven't talked too much about our eating and sleeping schedule. We are still figuring it out and winging it on most days. Hash tag, mom life!

How long did you nurse your kids for? and When did you introduce them to solids? 

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XO, Rachel 

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