Monday, May 23, 2016

All Done With Preschool

You guys, I have a pre-school graduate!! It's kindergarten or bust next year. I am still in like an awe that Addi finished her first year of schooling. I am so so so proud of her and all the progress that she did. When I asked her if she wanted to take some photos to document her big day, she was all for it. Once we got outside and started talking about being done with school she was not too thrilled. So we had her little graduation ceremony. It was done in her class. It was short and sweet. They sang songs for the parents and I was all smiles the whole time. I didn't even cry! After the graduation we asked her where she wanted to eat and she said "McDonald's", haha! Then she decided on some spaghetti, so Olive Garden for the win! We were so proud of all her work so Spence said she deserved a little bit of spoiling. So Target for the win! We had such a fun time.

Addi had such a great experience with school. I am so happy with her teacher and couldn't thank her enough. I decided I had to get her teacher a gift. I found a really cool idea on pinterest and the coolest mug for her teacher. I will link it at the bottom. Addi was so excited to give her teacher a gift so she insisted on writing a card herself.

Here is a little bit of before and after. Her first day and Last day. Her first day was quick. Spence and I went together to drop her off and she didn't even say bye. She walked right in! I was an emotional wreck that day.

Last day 

Mug: Teaching Humans

XO, Rachel 

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