Monday, April 18, 2016

So Cal Trip

We had a super fun time in SoCal  few weeks ago. Like I mentioned before, the rest of the family finally got to meet Emmi. When we got there I realized my camera was acting weird, and my phones storage was capped! Go figure. So I was bummed I didn't get more photos of our first couple of days there. While we were in California we drove down to San Diego to see Spencer's parents. Addi LOVED being in the pool, even while it sprinkled a little. We were also thinking about going to Disneyland but with the new change in tickets, it was a "peak" time so the daily entrance fee was more. Which is so dumb, so we just walked around downtown Disney. Addi didn't seem to care. All she wanted was a build-a-bear and Minnie ears! We ate so much yummy food. Went to the beach a few times. The first time we had to leave because it was way too windy. Addi even came back with baby turtles! HA! Needless to say we had so much fun the entire time we were there. Being surrounded by family is always a fun time. We were actually there for Easter weekend. So this year for Easter was totally different. We did an egg hunt here at home before we left. We didn't have a traditional Eater Sunday either. We ate out and just surrounded ourselves with the family.

I was a little worried how Emmi would do on the drive down. Surprisingly, she did pretty well. She did a lot better on the way back. It is definitely harder to travel when you are nursing. So I had a lot to learn, I still do. I was worried we would have to stop every two hours just to feed her. I hoped she would sleep the entire drive, HA! I didn't want a 6 hour drive to possibly turn into an 8+ hour drive. Luckily it didn't. And traffic wasn't that bad either. Addi is super easy. Just give that girl her iPad and some snacks and she's good to go!

XO, Rachel

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