Monday, March 14, 2016

What's In the Girls Eater Baskets

This year is already flying by and that makes me a little sad, because that also means both my babies are growing up too fast. Addi was on Spring break this past week and she was not sick anymore so we had some fun things planned for it. First stop was taking her to see Zootopia. She has been asking all last week, but I didn't want to take her out yet if she wasn't feeling 100% OK! We also went to the first Easter egg hunt they did here in town. Sunday we spent it all day at home, trying to adjust to the time change! Also Emmi has her two months shots coming up. TWO months!! Just enough to make this mama cry.

So St. Patrick's day is coming up but I never really cared for that holiday? Addi is super excited for Easter though! She keeps asking about eggs. And we may or may not have already decorated some Easter eggs ;p We She couldn't wait. Going to any store makes it too hard not to, there's egg decorating stuff everywhere.. And they have way too many cute options as far as baskets too. This year instead of going with a basket, I got the girls more like tote bag. I saw them at Tj Maxx for way cheap! I got a few things for Addi but I'm most excited for this box subscription from Eggdrop. It is right up her ally as far as opening surprise eggs. She LOVES to watch those videos on YouTube. So this is beyond perfect for her and I can't wait for her to open it up. Hiding their bags has not been easy! I will post a review on that box soon.

Here are some other options I added into their baskets this year. Hope it helps some of you.

Addi was pretty easy. I didn't want to get her too much because I mostly wanted her Eggdrop box to be the main thing. But I did have to add a few things so she wouldn't feel too bad.

Her Easter basket from Tj Maxx. 
Movie- The good dinosaur 
Cup - Target 
Marshmallow peeps
Egg drop box
Silly Putty
Nail polish
Bath Bubbles

Emmerson is still too young for really anything. So candy won't work. And other little toys I decided to put off until she can actually use them. This darling pineapple swimsuit I got for her a week or so ago, we couldn't wait to get it on! I found the cutest store on IG and I was dying to get baby girl this little peep and they have the cutest sleeping sloths ever.

Her tote was from TJ Maxx
bunny ears
stuffed peep
swim suit
summer hat
paci clip

I am dying over the cuteness that Target has on Easter stuff!!

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