Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Apps All Moms Need

I know every one has a smart phone..right? I have an iPhone with tons of apps on it. I always find new applications, a.k.a apps, that make my life easier. When I was pregnant I had a a few pregnancy
tracker apps that were fun to have. After having baby, I didn't need the pregnancy tracker apps but I found my self forgetting things like, what side I nursed from last. So I started looking for apps that would help me make life a little easier. Heres some apps I cant live without!

1.Kidfolio  (free) This app is like a mommy personal assistant. It tracks a lot for you just in case you are having a "mom brain" Tracks feedings, diaper changes, growth chart, and immunizations! Does it all.
2. Ambient Sound (price depends which one you get) or white noise so baby can sleep.
3. What to Expect, The first year (free) From pregnancy to every minute after birth. This app will help out step-by-step. 
4. Mom Maps (free)  Helps you find family fun places, like parks, on the go. Perfect for when you are out of town visiting family and don't really know your way around
5. Pinterest (free) Because we need to be able to pass our time somehow.
6. Baby Time ($2.99) Similar to kidfolio, This app also tracks nursing, sleeping, and diaper changes. It syncs with other devices and you can share it with your caregiver.
7. Snapchat (free) I love this app to take quick photos and videos to send on a snap. you can share with friends and family and even add funny filters.
8. OBaby($4.99) This app lets you add awesome text and overlays to any picture. perfect for those mile stone pictures you want to share with everyone.
9. YouTube Kids (free) Addi loves watching YouTube. I feel better about it knowing she won't get to a bad video since this filters out the bad stuff.
10. Dropbox(free)  Chances are you're probably going to take millions of photos of your kiddos. Don't ever loose a photo again. This app will back up all your photos and keep them save.

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