Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Two Months!


This beauty is two whole months old! Ugh, my mama heart breaks a little every time I think about it. Why must they grow up so fast?! No wonder us women get baby hungry ALL the time. So Spencer and I took Addi to school on Thursday and headed to Emmi's doctors appointment. Then some lunch with my guy and the baby. I am so glad I had him with me for some emotional support because it broke my heart to hear her cry. She got 3 shots and a drink type medicine. At least I know she will be safe now, and we can finally go down to California to introduce her to the rest of the family! 

2 Month Stats
First Easter (almost)
Weight: 11.9 / Length 23in
Graduated to size 1 diapers 
Started to roll over a few times
Nursing around 4oz
sleeps 6 hrs at night

She's finding her voice so she loves to coo
Loves to smile at people, specially her daddy
Loves to be held 

Hates the car seat 
Hates laying on her back

XO, Rachel 

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