Friday, February 12, 2016

Preschool Love

Yesterday was A's Preschool party and I was just as excited as she was. I told her on Monday that there would be a little something for them at her school for Valentines day, so we went to Target to grab some stuff. She has been asking me every day since "when is my Valentine's day party?" On Monday, I searched my Pinterest for some Valentine ideas and found this "kool" printable. I figured since every other kid would probably pass out a candy, I would have A hand out juice boxes instead. On Tuesday I had everything all gathered up (or at least I thought I did) and decided to wait till yesterday to put it all together. Bad Idea! Yesterday morning as I was putting her Valentines together I realized I didn't have a way to attach her card with the juice box! So spencer decided he will go to the store and get me a hole puncher and some other stuff. Well he comes back with everything but a hole puncher! Never send a husband to do a mom job! HA HA. Lesson learned. Thankfully I had some paper clips lying around so I Had to use those instead. Either way, they are kids and probably didn't care! I hope.

P.s If you can ever volunteer are your kid's school, do so! Not only would the teacher appreciate the help, but you can also see where you child is in their class.

She's obsessed with My Little Pony right now! ^

XO, Rachel 

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